Italian citizen kicked off Eritrea because of his homosexual orientatio

Submitted by Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti

Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti lodges a complaint with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and UNAR regarding the expulsion due to sexual orientation of an Italian teacher serving in Asmara.

A professor of literature serving at the Italian school in Asmara was recently expelled from Eritrea because of his sexual orientation. The teacher, from Palermo, was married in Spain in 2008, to his same-sex partner from Chile. In recent days he was forced by the Eritrean authorities to abandon his job and hastily leave the country, without an oficial explanation and with no reason attributable to itself (i.e., no alleged violation of Eritrean law and/or no allegation of wrongdoing within or outside the school).

The Italian Ambassador in Asmara, Dr. Marcello Fondi, immediately intervened in the matter. Following negotiations with the Eritrean authorities, he gave the teacher only an unofficial reason: namely, that he is regarded by the Eritrean authorities as an essentially "dangerous individual who is potentially destabilizing to the moral order and public of the country." Having above all to protect his physical integrity, and at the explicit suggestion of the Italian Embassy, the teacher returned hurriedly to Italy.

Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti, who is following the story, immediately filed a complaint with the UNAR (National Office against Discrimination) and the Italian Ministry of the Interior requesting them to intervene and compel the Eritrean Ministry to clarify what happened and provide the official reason for the expulsion.

The undoubted gravity of what happened is all the more significant in that no offending conduct is attributable to the Italian teacher, nor does the TECHNICAL AGREEMENT ON THE STATUS OF THE ITALIAN SHOOLS AND THEIR STAFF IN ASMARA of 21 September 2013 mention sexual orientation as a prerequisite to the assignment of a job working at the Italian school in Eritrea.

What happened has had psycho-physical consequences on the worklife (for this there is an expectation of intervention by MAE) of the teacher who was the victim of unacceptable discrimination and of a violation of human and civil rights. Therefore, an immediate intervention was requested to clarify what happened with the Eritrean authorities and take measures to protect homosexual persons who may find themselves in similar situations.

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