Court chief chides pols on electoral law, gay-couple rights

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Reposted from ANSA:

The head of Italy's Constitutional Court on Friday urged the new Italian parliament to change the current electoral law that makes it hard for a clear winner to emerge. Franco Gallo also called on the parties to recognise the rights of gay couples and allow children to take their mother's surname if they wanted.

Gallo accused parliament of being "deaf" to repeated calls from the Court, whose job it is to uphold the Italian Constitution.

The top judge said the election law, widely derided as a "pig's sty" since it was framed by the centre right ahead of the 2006 elections, went against the Constitution because it does not allow voters to pick their MPs and awards an unfairly large bonus to the top party in the House.

The February general election produced a hung parliament because the centre-left Democratic Party got a majority in the House but not one in the equally powerful Senate.

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