Government warns gay Irish travellers of Russian law

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Reposted from The Irish Times:

Department of Foreign Affairs says new law prohibits promotion of homosexuality

The Department of Foreign Affairs has updated its advice for gay and lesbian Irish citizens travelling to Russia to reflect recent anti-gay laws introduced there.

The move comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent weeks signed into law what is widely seen as anti- gay legislation

The Russia travel advice section of the Department of Foreign Affairs’ website advises that “a federal law has recently been approved that prohibits the promotion of homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality and transgenderism in the Russian Federation”.

It says “public displays of affection or activities regarded as counter to the law” may lead to “fines, arrests and deportations.”

Fines can “now be imposed on those who provide information about the homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities to minors”, it advises.

Under the section titled local laws and customs , the Department explains that homosexuality was decriminalised in the USSR in 1993.

In a tweet today the Department said “Update to travel advice on #Russia reflecting new restrictions toward #LGBTI communities .”

Mr Putin recently signed a law banning gay “propaganda”, which human rights groups say has fuelled hate crimes against homosexuals.

Mr Putin, who has embraced the Russian Orthodox Church as a moral authority and harnessed its influence as a source of political support, has championed socially conservative values since starting a new, six-year term in May 2012.

Earlier this month it Mr Putin signed a law banning the adoption of children by same-sex couples .

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