Ombudsman turns to top court over omission of “registered partners” in new civil code

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The category “close relatives” no longer contains “registered partners” in Hungary’s new civil code, the ombudsman for fundamental rights said on Thursday, adding he had decided to turn to the top court over the issue.

Mate Szabo said he asked the Constitutional Court to revise and annul the controversial definition.

The step came after several complaints, including from lawmakers and civil rights organisations, the ombudsman’s office said in a statement.

The Ministry of Justice called the ombudsman’s submission unfounded.

In a statement to MTI, the ministry argued that registered partnerships are regulated by a separate law, which defines, with a few exceptions, the same rights and duties for registered partners as for married couples.

If the two laws are interpreted together, it follows that registered partners continue to be close relatives even under the civil code, the ministry said.

Parliament approved the civil code on Feb. 26.

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