New gay friendly government after elections?

Submitted by Themis Katsagiannis

On October 4th general elections were held in Greece. The results show a clear majority for the Social Democrats (PASOK) and Andreas Papandreou. The governing party was defeated and came second with a 10% difference.

Before the elections PASOK had answered to a questionnaire prepared by the country's main lgbt organization OLKE, regarding the rights of lgbt people. Among the party's promises are a new registered partnership law that will include same sex couples and that the new government will not follow an agenda of a "hierarchy of discrimination". The socialists have pledged to fully enforce the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU through legislation and to expand the principle of Equal Treatment to the Public Sector and to the provision of goods and services. They have also said that there is no room for discrimination in healthcare and employment.

Moreover, they are against the gay blood ban, which is also implemented in organ transplantation, they support the expansion of the law on hate speech to include sexual orientation and gender identity, they will push for greater cooperation with trade unions to eliminate discrimination in employment and will work with lgbt organizations to limit offensive and derogatory remarks n the media.

Perhaps the most important promise of all is their focus on educationg the public and especially young people through sex education to eliminate stereotypes, violence and intimidation against the lgbt population.

The announcement of the socialist party ended with the hope and wish of better cooperation of the government with organizations and of organizations that focus on different issues (e.g. religious belief, sexual orientation, disability, etc.) with each other.

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