Gender identity now included in hate crime legislation

Submitted by Greek Transgender Support Association

The Greek Transgender Support Group, a recognized organization for the protection of trans rights and equality, is happy to report the inclusion of gender identity in Greek hate crime legislation.

In particular, the law “regarding addictive substances and other rulings”, in the Chapter concerning Penal Code Amendmends, Article 66 now states:

Performing an act motivated by nationalistic, racial or religious hatred, or hatred due to different sexual orientation or gender identity against a victim, is considered an aggravating circumstance and the sentence cannot be suspended.

The addition of “gender identity” was supported by Official Opposition members, the Proponent Ms Vassiliki Katrivanou and Syriza spokeswoman Ms Aphrodite Stabouli.

Dimokratiki Aristera also submitted an amendment by Ms Maria Repousi regarding gender identity, and lastly, Pa.So.K. MP Konstantinos Triantafyllos also supported the addition.

The Minister for Justice, Mr Roupakiotis, accepted the amendment and the propositions of the aforementioned MPs, and the amendment subsequently won by majority of votes.

In addition to the hate crime legislation, we believe this day to be very important for the trans community, since it is the first time the term “Gender Identity” has ever been used within the context of the Greek Judicial System, and therefore, we consider this a first victory of the trans community.

The Greek Transgender Support Group would like to thank everyone who responded positively to our just claim and supported the inclusion of gender identity in hate crime legislation.

We will continue to work for inclusion of gender identity in every sector of Greek Justice, especially in the legislation against discrimination (3304/2005 and also 3896/2010), in the legislation regarding hate speech (729/1979). Most importantly, we will pursue our right to submit legislation regarding the recognition of Gender Identity, and the freedom of transgender individuals to change their official documents.


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