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Submitted by Klaus Jetz, LSVD

Successful criminal complaint and campaign against

Offline since December 2, 2012

In the course of the criminal complaint against, the collaboration of members of the Catholic Church has been revealed. declared themselves as a Catholic news website, authors were well informed about internal affairs of the Catholic Church. Yet the website did not publish journalistic news but instead rabble-roused against migrants, jews, homosexuals and liberal Catholics. Lesbians and gays were portrayed as “homo-criminals”, “homo-disturbed”, “homo-terrorists” just to name a few. Needless to say, the legal registered partnership was also attacked. We, the LSVD and LGBTI in Germany had to abide this for years because it was impossible to legally oppose the owners of the website efficiently. This has only recently changed when they commented on the death of the popular German actor and comedian Dirk Bach in a most despising and misanthropic fashion and thereby gave rise to wide protests. The article dated October 2, 2012, following the sudden death of the actor (“Now he’ll burn in eternal homo hell”) and the one dated October 4, 2012, (“And he hated children too”) defamed Bach in a most incredible and ineffable manner. Finally, our criminal complaint was taken seriously by the prosecution. At the same time, the Bruno-Gmünder-Verlag along with David Berger (former Catholic theologian and philosopher), started the campaign “Together against“ and proclaimed an award in the amount of EUR 15,000 should they be made silent.

As they had remained inactive so far, it was now up to the Catholic Church to take position. The Secretary of the German Bishops Conference, Fr. Hans Langendörfer, wrote to Volker Beck (Member of the German Bundestag), that he assumes that no members or employees of the Catholic Church were active on Should this be the case, this “tremendous delinquency would have labor and service law related consequences”.

The LSVD and the campaign “Together against“ took the initiative to collect any clues on As a result it became known that Catholic priests had been active on for years. Key figures were, for example, priest Hendrick Jolie of Darmstadt in the diocese of Mainz. Jolie, who had held the office of Speaker of the conservative “Network of Catholic Priests” until his link to was discovered, had to admit his collaboration. But he begged to be excused by pleading that this had been a rash and foolish action on his part. And indeed Cardinal Lehmann accepted his plea. The aforesaid “labor and service law related consequences” were never mentioned again.

Yet the publication of Catholic members active on forced further members to resign in fear of legal and disciplinary actions. The website has been inactive since December 1, 2012, and Cardinal Lehmann has thanked all those that “have contributed to the clarification, even if they are not friends of the Catholic church”. However, it would remain impossible for the Catholic Church to fully reveal the initiators and people behind the scenes of

The Catholic Church is clearly not interested in clarification, they merely want to evade the scandal of legal proceedings. We are convinced that many members of the “Network of Catholic Priests” have been aware of the actions of priest Jolie. Why are they not questioned – is it due to the fear of falling in disgrace with the nuncio and the Vatican? The LSVD will not withdraw so easily; we have addressed the Chairman of the German Bishops Conference, Arch Bishop Zollitsch, and have invited him and Cardinal Lehmann to negotiate how we can jointly act against such destructive and misanthropic thinking. We are eagerly awaiting their reply.

Manfred Bruns, LSVD

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