Lesbian kiss steals spotlight at French anti-gay parenting protest

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Repostde from France 24 http://www.france24.com/en/20121024-lesbian-kiss-steals-spotlight-gay-parenting-protest-marseille-lgbt-marriage-france

Anti-gay parenting activists in Marseille were left irked on Wednesday after two women trumped their protest against same-sex parenting with a lesbian kiss, which was captured by a photographer and promptly went viral.

A demonstration against same-sex parenting was interrupted Wednesday by its very target, when two women interrupted the event by sharing a kiss.

The “Un papa une maman" ("one dad one mum") demonstration featured a performer sporting a spandex suit and wings, fluttering between “mamas” and “papas” before gaining steam from the cheers of both. The performance was supposed to demonstrate that a child needs both a mother and father.

But it was quickly outdone by a spontaneous act between two women, whose embrace in front of the crowd left some of the protesters open-mouthed and prompting others to turn their heads away.

The kiss was captured by an AFP photographer and posted online by French LGBT magazine Têtu.fr and popular US website BuzzFeed.com, after which it went viral on Twitter.

One of the girls in the picture, Julia Pistolesi (right), described the moment on Twitter as “full of emotion,” and thanked those who had shared the image, adding that “homophobes in Marseille can p*** off!”

The two girls, 17-year-old Julia and 19-year-old Auriane - who are not in fact gay - later told French LGBT website Têtu that it was, “a gesture of solidarity, pure and simple.”

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