Far-right figure kills himself in Paris's Notre Dame

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A well known figure of the French far-right committed suicide in the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral on Tuesday, apparently in connection to a recent law legalising gay marriage.

A writer known for his far-right views committed suicide in the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris on Tuesday, prompting authorities to evacuate the building.

Dominique Venner, the author of many history essays that often decried immigration in France and the decline of European civilizations, was 78 years old.

Police sources say he shot himself in front of the altar of the famous church in the early afternoon, pulling out a pistol and putting it in his mouth, before pulling the trigger.

Venner’s last post on his website, published earlier in the day, appeared to indicate that his dramatic suicide was a way to protest against a recent law legalising gay marriage in France.

He called on people to join a protest on May 26 against the controversial law.

"It is here and now that our destiny is at stake. This second is as important as the rest of a life. That is why it is important to be yourself until the last moment,” he wrote.

Notre Dame, which this year is celebrating its 850th anniversary, is one of the biggest destinations for tourists visiting the French capital.

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