Petition against legal recognition of same-sex couples collects 35,000 signatures

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A petition against legalization of same-sex cohabitation in Estonia has collected more than 35,000 signatures, nearly three times more than the initiators hoped, the daily Ohtuleht reports.

"Over 35,000 signatures have been given and we'll forward them to parliament on May 14," Varro Vooglaid, head of the Foundation for the Protection of Family and Tradition that initiated the petition, told the paper. The number of signatures given has significantly surpassed the organization's expectations, he added.

The foundation launched the petition in mid-March hoping it would be signed by at least 10,000 people before being handed over to parliament in May.

Vooglaid said the petition can be signed also afterwards.

At the beginning of April gay activists lodged a complaint against the campaigners demanding that a criminal proceeding be opened on the basis of the Penal Code article that bans incitement to social hatred. Police decided against it, finding nothing criminal in the organization's action.

The foundation whose declared aim is to defend traditional family values expressed in the petition concern over attempts to redefine the institutions of marriage and family including same-sex couples.

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