Lord Mayor of Copenhagen: City of Vilnius must support Baltic Pride

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source: atviri.lt

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Mr. Frank Jensen, has approached Mayor of Vilnius, Mr. Arturas Zuokas, to express his support for Baltic Pride 2013 and concern over some organizational issues regarding the Pride Parade. Lord Mayor Jensen has learned from Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) that Baltic Pride is facing some challenges in communication with the Vilnius City Municipality. Therefore he appealed by letter to Mr. Zuokas as head of the Vilnius City Municipality to ensure that the Baltic Pride parade has adequate safety measures and access to central parts of Vilnius in order to increase visibility and raise awareness about LGBT rights.

Copenhagen has hosted Pride Parades for 16 years, and Lord Mayor Jensen has personally attended four of the last ones. He stresses that freedom of expression is a cornerstone of democracy, and hopes that this a value shared by the cities of Copenhagen and Vilnius.

Baltic Pride 2013 will be the second Pride event to be organised in the history of Lithuania's LGBT rights movement, with the parade scheduled for 27 July. The City of Vilnius has issued a permit for the parade on Upės Street, a decision taken to court by Baltic Pride organisers, who want to hold the parade on the main street of Vilnius, Gedimino Avenue.

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