Resolution regulating the presence of different sexual orientations has been presented to Ekenoglu

Submitted by Initiative Against Homophobia

Initiative Against Homophobia claimed that items 171, 172, and 173 of Punishment Regulations-Chapter 154 should be abrogated from the code of law. These rules provide the main framework for regulating discrimination against sexual orientation, and they have not been revised since British colonial time.
Members of the Initiative Against Homophobia presented their request together with a resolution regarding the intended changes on the current regulations to Fatma Ekenoglu, the head of the Parliamentary of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.Initiative Against Homophobia stated that the removal of these outdated items from current regulations is a vital step towards keeping up with rapidly improving standards of human rights and forensic understanding.The initiative said: “Same sex relationships are considered normal and do not contradict with any moral or legal norms in many modern societies of today’s world.” Additionally, it has been indicated that regarding homosexuality as a disease and fearing the presence of LGBT people (Homophobia) in our surroundings pose a great threat to a unified society. Members of the initiative emphasized the fact that many human rights associations and progressive democrats stand up for the rights of LGBT people just like they do in case of women rights and/or minority rights; while restating their claim regarding the abrogation of items 171, 172, and 173 from the code of law.
In contrary to contemporary understanding of law, these three items indicate that having a different sexual orientation is considered as a crime and leads to imprisonment. Initiative Against Homophobia finalized its statement by saying: “These regulations are completely out-of-date, and they contradict with the most basic and modern humanr rights and personal liberty.” The written explanation also reminded the officials that the same items criminalizing homosexuality had been in operation since British colonial time in the southern (Greek) part of the island as well; however, they were revoked following an ultimatum by European Association due to conviction by European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).
Initiative Against Homophobia

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