HOKI hosts the ILGA-Europe LGBT Family Exhibition in the northern part of Cyprus

Submitted by HOKI - The Initiative Against Homophobia Association

The Initiative Against Homophobia Association (HOKI) has hosted ILGA-Europe’s photo exhibition of “Different Families, Same Love” in the northern part of Cyprus in January 2011. The exhibition took place on 4th January through 9th January in Atölye Cadı Kazanı Café, an art café, in Nicosia. The place was a good spot for the exhibition since it also attracted the attention of regular café visitors in addition to those who visited the exhibition intentionally.

The owner of the café informed the Initiative Against Homophobia Association that people who happened to go to the café during the exhibition period were interested in knowing what the exhibition was about. The opening took place at 7.30pm with the participation of Initiative Against Homophobia Association members, Accept-LGBT Cyprus members, other guests and some major media organizations including BRT which is the government’s TV channel in Northern Cyprus, and some newspapers. The exhibition was shown on the news on BRT with a very positive outlook which has been a great success for a very conservative country when it comes to LGBT issues. It has also been a very important event since it has informed a number of people that issues of LGBT people are not limited to abusive behavior from the community, but there is much more to that.

The Initiative Against Homophobia Association is looking forward to host the exhibition in some other regions and especially in some universities in the northern part of Cyprus in order to reach out more people.

Find more information about the Exhibition here: http://www.ilga-europe.org/home/i...lies/campaigns_and_events/exhibition

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