Croatian Gay Runs for European Parliament

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Damir Hrsak, candidate of a small leftist party for the European Parliament, has made a breakthrough by being the country's first politician to admit being gay.

Damir Hrsak, member of the small Croatian Labour Party, has made waves by becoming the first Croatian politician to admit he is gay.

Hrsak, who is standing for the elections to the European Parliament, made light of his breakthrough, saying that being gay was a morally neutral part of one's identity with which one is simply born.
"Like nationality or race, a person does not have any choice about it except to accept themselves as a human being with all their creative potential, or live in strife and autodestruction," he said. "It is nothing to be proud or ashamed of," he added to the H-alter website.

Croatia's first election campaign for the European Parliament kicked off on Thursday. The country is due to join the EU on July 1.

Croatia will have 12 MEPs until regular European parliament elections next May, and 11 after, when the number of lawmakers in the legislature is adjusted in line with Lisbon Treaty regulations.

Hrsak is unlikely to be elected. Apart from the fact that his party has only about 400 members, most inhabitants of the mainly Catholic country do not approve of openly gay lifestyles.

According to a public survey conducted in 48 countries by the International Social Survey Program, two-thirds of Croats - 65.8 per cent – disapprove of gay relationships.

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