Anti-Gay Amendment Discussed in Bulgaria's Parliament

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A controversial anti-gay amendment to the Penal Code was unexpectedly discussed in Bulgaria's Parliament on Wednesday.

The amendment to the Penal Code provides for 1 to 5 years imprisonment and a fine of BGN 5,000 - 10, 000 for persons who "by organizing or participating in events, rallies and parades, or through the media and the internet publicly manifest their own or of other persons homosexual orientation".

It was tabled by the leader of nationalist Ataka party, Volen Siderov in September last year and was rejected in November by the parliamentary committee on human rights and citizens' complaints as unconstitutional and discriminatory.

Surprisingly, however, it was put on the agenda for discussion in Parliament on Wednesday.

"Those personal matters cannot be publicly manifested and cannot affect the children and the other members of the public", Ataka Deputy Head Pavel Shopov said.

"Gay propaganda has reached such levels that it threatens the demographic situation", said the Ataka MP Adrian Asenov.

"What happens if I go for a walk with my children and they see those half-naked buggers with psychotic abnormalities? What about the children's rights? Don't they have the right to live in normal families", Asenov added.

The scandalous amendment will be voted on Thursday.

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