Voting of Belarusian youth on LGBT issue

Submitted by Svyatoslav Sementsov, TEMA

During beginning of 2007 Information Center TEMA and organize a voting about react of Gomel region youth to sexual minorities.

Results of voting:
40.57 % believe that sexual and gender minorities are seek, and they need any kind of treatment
11.71% want to criminalize homosexual relations
27.43% tolerated
6.00% identify them self as sexual and gender minority
14.29% accept sexual and gender minorities
Total numbers voters - 479.

You can reach comments of voters on

As you see, most of respondents have negative feelings 52.28% to sexual and gender minorities. This fact clear show feelings of youth in Belarus, as a result of state homophobic policy and propaganda. Some times a year, Belarusian state media show scandals with “gays-perverts” witch “corrupt our youth”. Everybody remember slogan, promoted by National Television during president election 2006 campaign “To the Europe, by the ass!” TV scared society, that all people on the “west” are sexual perverts. And if opposition, pro-European, candidate will win, he’ll legalize same-sex marriage, change “возраст согласия” and “our children will be forced on the street”.
6 April 2005, Belarusian MP Viktar Kuchynski proposed to re-criminalize homosexuality. “My position as a deputy is: all these ‘queers’ and others are to be punished to the maximum”, said Kuchynski at the parliamentary session during the discussion concerning the presidential decree “On some measures of the prevention of human trafficking” on 4 April 2005. According to Kuchynski, the Criminal Code is to be amended, and the penalty for homosexuality ought to be re-introduced. However, this proposal was not supported by the parliament. Interior Minister of Belarus, Uladzimir Navumau gave the comment to the Russian News Agency Interfax: “Mutual consent is usually present [in homosexuals relations], and we would not like to encroach upon this sphere too deeply”.
This propaganda together without sexual education in schools, universities or family makes growing up homophobia in our country.

But we are really happy because, in general, Belarusian youth more tolerated then adult people, and from one year to other, this percent, of tolerated youth, only growing up. Youth are our future, that’s why it is so important to work with youth for better future.

Information Center TEMA will monitor of dynamic in future as well. We want to organize a big research of Belarusian society and as a result - create methods to fight against homophobia especially for Belarusian situation. – the biggest and the most popular (more then 2000 visitors per day) youth web-portal in Gomel region. It is old partner of TEMA, became a field for discussion of Gomel youth on gender issue.

Information Center TEMA – Belarusian LGBT center based in Gomel, providing information on gender issue.


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