The parliament of Belarus has denied the information about the criminalization of homosexuality

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The information that circulated on the eve of the resource "Belarusian Partisan", today denied the spokesman of the House of Representatives.

Earlier media reports quoting "Belarusian partisan" and an unnamed source said that at the autumn session of the Belarusian deputies intend to adopt the amendments to the Criminal Law, according to which homosexuality would be imprisoned for up to ten years.

"There is no such law in the parliament. And it also no plans to develop it," - said the press service to the RIA Novosti.

"This is a blatant provocation," - he added.
The fact that this bill does not appear in the plans of the Belarusian Parliament, confirmed by several members of the relevant committees.
In turn, a member of the Legislative Committee of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Natalia Guyvik told RIA Novosti that such a bill in the Belarusian parliament is absent.
"There no a similar bill in our committee. It has not in the parliament - that's for sure," - she said.

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