The LGBT flag have lifted on Chernobyl way

Submitted by Alexandr Paluyan -

Not looking at the protest and unwillingness of opposition that homosexuals have taken part in Chernobyl way, the last have taken part in it. As it was and that from this has turned out in our material.

In interview and in blogs the belarusian opposition has opposed participations of the Belarus gays and lesbians in Chernobyl way which is annually spent on April, 26th, in memory of accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station.

In interview of Radio Freedom, one of leaders of " Young Front " Dmitry Dashkevich has told, that gays have nothing to do on Chernobyl way as it is any image does not correspond with Christian values, and has expressed opinion, that participation homosexuals only will be desirable for the Belarus state mass-media to accuse oppositions of homosexuality.

The given statement has found both the supporters, and opponents who have accused the Belarus opposition of infringement of the Belarus sexual minority from oppositional representatives. It has stated the given opinion in connection with the staff whom the Belarus TV during carrying out of the congress democratic has shown, but, probably, having forgotten, that for the given action the responsibility on herself was taken by any LGBT the organization and the initiative.

The main question which was discussed in blogs and Livejournals was a question, whether it is necessary to lift an iridescent flag (the international flag which is used by gays, lesbians, transsexuals) homosexuals during Chernobyl way in Minsk.

Thus, Belarus LGBT active workers were accused of self-advertisement. It was offered, that Belarus "kviry" took part, but without a flag to not compromise opposition, however, thus anybody did not have a question, whether it is necessary to lift is white-is red-flag of truce, which, also is an original symbol of self-expression of the Belarus opposition.

As spoke initiators of participation Belarus "queers" in Chernobyl way, participation of gays and lesbians in this action, any image does not correspond with a policy or with undermining authority of the Belarus opposition. Participating in Chernobyl way, the Belarus gays and lesbians want to memory of victims of tragedy on Chernobyl APS and human irresponsibility which has led to innocent victims. Also do not divide participants to political, religious or other attributes.

On April, 26th not looking at threats from representatives of the oppositional organizations, and also one of "combatants" of opposition during procession, the iridescent flag has been lifted. In Chernobyl way representatives of portals have taken part and Homosexuals during procession went in a column of anarchists which have supported participation "queer"-representatives in Chernobyl way, having shown tolerance, and having told in such a manner that participate in actions simple people can not only "selected", but also, simple people, not looking at their orientation.

The actions "queers" have shown, that it the Chernobyl problem is not indifferent and, that they have the right to participate in actions on a number with all others.

As if to the threats mentioned by us from opposition, I think, about it to speak it is not necessary, enough to come on sites of participants of procession and to read through, that "democrats" think of participation LGBT. Also, as already it was mentioned earlier, during the procession, one of "combatants" who provided "order" during carrying out of procession, has approached to Sergey Androsenko, the representative who bore an iridescent flag, and has told the following: " If you now de will not clean this flag, we shall deduce you from crowd and beat you behind a corner ".

But, not looking at the given words, Sergey has not become puzzled and has passed together with column ANRIFA, holding an iridescent flag in hands.

Statements of representatives of the Belarus opposition have shown full absence of democratic principles, freedom, respect and tolerance in relation to people, citizens of the country. Also the opposition has proved, that "freedom" which so tries to show before the West, will be only for "elites" in which, at least, there is no place to sexual minority.

In turn, we express gratitude to anarchists who not looking at stereotypes and prejudices of some participants Chernobyl way, have supported Belarus "queer" community.

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