The first ever LGBT camp is to take place in Belarus

Submitted by, Alexandr Paluyan

The first ever LGBT camp named “Legal and organisational issues and HIV organisation” will take in Belarus. More than 40 people from all the regions of the country will participate in this project. They are representing various groups and organisations that work with homosexual and transsexual people in the field of HIV prevention, which is going to become the major discussion topic along with analyses of national and international legislation and its practical use in communication with government authorities.

Psychological, social and medical issues are also high on the agenda. The participants are also planning to take a closer look at the administrative side of their work at a regional level. They are determined to focus their activities on setting up new initiative groups, the creation of information materials to promote their work and to organise a series of events that raise awareness of the problems they are facing.

LGBT activists have been working to organise a round table with the representatives of civil society in order to discuss the possibility of collaboration. They will also take part in the opening of a Men’s Health Community Centre.

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