Round-up of the "closed" party in Minsk

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On April, 6th since morning in Minsk hearings that in club "Fortuna" there was a round-up have spread. However anybody with confidence could not confirm or deny the given information. has tried to find out true.

At 00-30, employees OMONa, employees have entered into night with 5 for April, 6th in restaurant-club "Fortuna" Partizanskiy RUVD of Minsk and representatives of others control and power structures. Within several minutes music has been stopped, the party is interrupted also all visitors of the "closed" party showed the passports to employees of militia. At whom passports with themselves have not appeared, it was necessary to go in Guerrilla RUVD for finding-out of the person.

In the morning Julia Mickiewicz, the journalist of information company BELAPAN, has addressed in Guerrilla RUVD for explanations in occasion of detention of visitors of club "Fortuna" at night with 5 for April, 6th.

On the request for granting the information on the given fact, on duty RUVD Borodin Sergey Leonidovich, has asked a counter question: - " And you have what attitude to these people (an accent on the second syllable)? … If these people consider, the detention illegal - let address in Office of Public Prosecutor. And you as the journalist, have no attitude to them. It not your business ". The person on duty to deny the information on detention of visitors of club "Fortuna" did not become.

" In 12.30 am nights in club send employees of power structures and have asked to stop a disco, motivating it is check on narcotic substances and a finding in club of minors. Then check of documents has begun and all consequences following from here " - was told by the employee of club "Fortuna".

Under not confirmed information, in a police station, employees of militia, one visitor of club "Fortuna". who has declared incompetence of actions of employees of militia has been beaten. However, we mark, that the given fact while, it is not confirmed.

More close to we rub to one o'clock in the morning all arrested persons have been let out from a police station. We shall watch succession of events of this history.

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