Protestant church pastor asked the Minister of Education does not allow gay propaganda

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On May, 3 on behalf of the church members, pastor Slava Goncharenko addressed a letter to the minister of education A.M. Rad’kov. The letter expresses a concern of the Christians with the fact that in April and May there takes place a course of activities dedicated to «reducing homophobia in Belarus». It is organized by Belarusian representatives of homosexual minorities.

It is noted in the letter that «tendency of the Belarusian homosexuals for legalization in the society is intended more to inform citizens about this phenomenon and as a result to influence the society for promoting their interests rather than to defend from the attacks».

Also the letter emphasizes particular danger of the homosexuality’s propaganda among youth and teenagers.

Pastor Slava Goncharenko addresses Alexander Rad’kov as a person with certain authority asking to use all available resources to arrange in the educational establishments of the country an explanatory work against homosexuality.

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