Minsk Gay Pride 2011 postponed

Submitted by Viachaslau Bortnik

Organizers of the Minsk Gay Pride 2011 decided to postpone the date of the Pride in the belarusian capital.

Minsk Gay Pride 2011 was planned for June 2011, but now organizers decided to change the date. The reason for the transfer event was the fact that the date of the Minsk Pride coincide with several other gay pride events that take place in Europe - Warsaw, Tallinn, Rome and other cities.

- Many European parades planned for that days. We understand that some of our potential participants decide to take part in a parade of equality in Warsaw, - quotes Sergey Androsenko, an organizer of the Minsk Gay Pride, posted paradarownosci.eu . - In addition, all really want to take part in a parade in Warsaw. Therefore, we are grateful to the Organizing Committee for the assistance to obtain free visas for citizens of Belarus - said Androsenko.

The exact date of the Minsk Pride is not known, but organizers said to organize it in September 2011.


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