LGBT solidarity action opposite Belarusian embassy in Moscow

Submitted by Svyatoslav Sementsov, TEMA,

Today 16 of May, 13.00-14.00 solidarity action with Belarusian LGBT movement took place opposite Belarusian embassy in Moscow (Maroseyca st. 17/6). Action was allowed by City Hall, and was organized by “LGBT Rights” Moscow group – partner of TEMA information center.

“We did join to the Oborona action to support Belarusian opposition, because Belarusian LGBT rights flagrantly violated, including rights for freedom of meeting and freedom of expression. Also banned LGBT public action in Gomel (4 of May) and Minsk (11 of May).” – Viacheslau Revin, coordinator of LGBT Rights, “We, in Moscow, are repeatedly faced with such violations; we want to show our solidarity with Belarusian LGBT movement in their struggle for their inalienable rights”.

“It is our first action for supporting Belarusian LGBT movement. But I believe that not last, we are ready to exchange experience with our Belarusian colleges. We are ready to organize action together”. Viacheslau Revin, coordinator of LGBT Rights.

On the posters were "attitude to sexual minorities is indicator of democratization of society", "Human Rights for Gays in Belarus", "Xenophobia, Homophobia, Nationalism - the disease is regressive society".

Slogans were not rejected by staff or police. Action was done without any problems or provocations.

16th day of each month is the Days of Solidarity with Belarusian civil society. The initiative to mark Days of Solidarity started after policemen disbanded a protest rally dedicated to the memory of the abducted on September 16, 2005. Since that time actions of solidarity are held in Belarus and worldwide on the 16th day of every month. Hundreds thousands of Belarusians and friends of our country all over the world light candles of freedom in their windows, hold street actions of solidarity, tie jeans and white-red-white ribbons on their clothes, take part in flash-mobs and Internet-actions. In churches all over the world prayer services for political prisoners, families of the disappeared, all those fighting for freedom and democracy in Belarus, are held. Not only common citizens, but heads of parliaments and governments, presidents of many countries demonstrate their solidarity with Belarus.

Svyatoslav Sementsov
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