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Dear colleagues!

We, representatives of a number of organizations and initiatives working with Belarusian LGBT community, believe necessary to comment the announcement of the «Pride-2008» festival possible organizing in Belarus in September 2008.

On the 8th of December 2007 Svyatoslav Sementsov, who introduce himself as «TEMA» informational Center, situated in Gomel, co-president, issued a press-release about hypothetical conducting of such festival in September 2008.

However, we express concerns about the possible outcome of the mentioned "Pride-2008", because this project is being lobbied by Mr Sementsov. Considering the past negative experience of Mr Sementsov’s project management, we doubt that he would be able to conduct successfully such festival. Though, if Mr Sementsov tries to realize a gay pride festival in Belarus in his own, we won’t put obstacles in his way. But taking into account his last years activism, that considerably damaged the Belarusian LGBT image on the international level, we decided not to collaborate with the project «Pride-2008” under Mr Svyatoslav Sementsovs leadership. We consider the co-operation with Mr Sementsov inexpedient and even dangerous.

We also express doubts that the means provided by international and local sponsors for the «Pride-2008» support would be fully destined to the achievement of the assigned purpose, and declare that we will take no responsibility
for it.

Greeting new initiatives, now as before we intend to continue our common activities for the common cause of Belarusian LGBT community.

"Vstrecha" NGO
Belarusian League For Sexual Equality "Lambda"
Amnesty International - Belarus
"BelQueer" initiative
Volunteers Without Borders
Belarusian LGBT portal GAY.BY
"YANA" women group
Personal project
Belarusian branch of "Falken" youth movement

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