GENDER ITINERARY: a festival of reflexions on the gender issues (an experimental project)

25/11/2005 -27/11/2005
INTERFORUM WIC / Belarusian Lambda League
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"Belarusian Cinema History Museum", Sverdlova str. 4

GENDER ITINERARY: a festival of reflexions on the gender issues (an experimental project)
25-27th November 2005 Minsk Belarus

The idea of the project consists in series of provocations related to
the gender issues such as gender interrelations, motherhood/parenthood
and its denial, love and violence phenomena, ideas of
masculine/feminine/trans- and intersex, where the masculine staff ends and feminine begins, what the gender is.
Probably the differences between the same sex representatives are more substantial that the difference between the

The conception:
Is the perception of a personality possible beyond the gender aspect? Do we think that only because of the presence
(or absence) of a certain number of sexual attributes and attitudes humanity existence and communication
between humans became possible (or impossible)?
What are these behavior standards related to each concrete gender – paying tribute to the traditions,
ritual, masquerade or something else?
Each concrete historical epoque has its own character of the men and women behavior roles distribution and related
symbolism. But the end of ХХth century brings radical changes into the gender order system. And namely WOMEN not the
men are the principal subject of these changes. Their social status, activity and mentality alter more profoundly
and radically, than men’s corresponding properties.

The purpose: The experiment consists in exchanging opinions, tries to get rid of automatism of perception, as well
as to designate one’s own reflective position on the gender issue.

The form: 3-days festival including exhibitions, (photos and installations), films and videos presentations,
discussions, performances, concerts etc.

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