Gay parade banned in capital of Belarus

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The administration of the Belarusian capital has prohibited holding a gay parade in Minsk, scheduled for October 22, although the country’s president has nothing against such events, a statement on the website of the parade’s organizers said.

“The municipal executive committee of Minsk banned a parade along the Krasin Street in the district of Sosny, although President Alexander Lukashenko earlier stated that he was not against a gay parade on the outskirts of the city,” the statement said.

Earlier in the month Lukashenko said in an interview with Russian news agencies that he would not ban gay parades in his country, just like they are banned in Russia.

“I would not ban them. Somewhere on the outskirts of the city to marvel people with what they have," the Belarusian president said.

Last May, dozens of members of Belarusian and Russian gay organizations gathered on the Belarusian capital's main street, although the authorities gave no permission to hold the parade.

Special police forces suppressed the parade arresting 10 activists for "disorderly behavior."

The event also attracted anti-gay protestors, who threw eggs into the crowd.

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