Gay activist was beaten up in Minsk

Submitted by Svyatoslav Sementsov, TEMA,

Minsk, on the night of August 23-24 well-known Belarusian LGBT
activist Maxim Tsar'kov was beaten up becouse of his sexual
"That night I and three of my friends use to visit night club HALL. We
danced and had fun, but after the mid-night few guys came to us and
begun to make mass of insults, most of appeared insults were done
because of our sexual orientation." Maxim Tsar'kov sad. "I do not deny
and didn't deny that I am - gay. We asked security for the assistance
and they thrown these homophobic guys out."
"In some time we decide to leave club and take a taxi back home. When
I went out of cab I saw these guys again and recognize that they
followed me all this time."
One of them shouted "So what fag? You need to answer for your
actions". After he break down empty beer bottle and threw it in my
face and run away.
"I went to the apartment, called for emergency. I was taken to the
11th Hospital Surgery, where doctor did 18 seams on my face."
At the end Maxim Tsar'kov said "I do not regret that I came out to the
aggressors in my sexual orientation. I will continue to be open gay in
this country and will take a risk to life and health".

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