Fighters with homophobia is not supported neither the State nor democrats

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Organizers Month against homophobia do not find support neither the State nor the democratic forces. This BelaPAN said administrator and owner of the Belarusian site gays, lesbians and transgender Sergei Androsenko, one of the Month organizers.

For example, he said, faced difficulties when trying to find rooms for seminars and meetings of representatives of LGBT movement within month: "For the majority of the shares we did not find premises. I will not call those institutions, where we treated, they were both public and commercial. As a result, found a number of organizations that have agreed to provide us with the space completely free of charge, on condition that the names of organizations remain in uncertainty ".

According to Androsenko, the leaders of the movement seeking help and to the representatives of democratic forces. "We are faced with lack of support of democratic parties and politicians, who could at least express their solidarity in our fight against discrimination against gays and lesbians", - noted social activist.

"Of course, we are helping. Someone writes information materials, someone to help stationery. But none of us in public and not supported ", -" he said.

All activities of the Month financed by the organizers, stressed Androsenko.

Month to combat homophobia started on 17 April. In his programme - literary rooms, interview with French magazine journalist known for LGBT "Tetu", information campaigns, as well as the participation of Belarusian activists in an international conference of sex minorities in Moldova.

LGBT (LGBT) - a reduction, educated (originally in English) on the first letter of self subgroups sexual and gender minorities: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. LGBT movement - a movement for the rights of sexual and gender minorities.

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