About half of gays in Belarus are have STI

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In 2007 within the limits of the “Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Belarus” inspection has passed 414 people, at 190 MSM infectious diseases have been revealed, have received corresponding free treatment of 154 patients with STI.

Besides inspection on STI, the opportunity to pass inspection on a HIV-infection with before and after test consultation, at all 365 MSM, last inspection within a year was given to representatives, absence of a HIV-infection is confirmed. During about 1987-2008 in Belarus 33 carriers of a HIV among gays have been revealed, such statistics gives the republican center of hygiene, epidemiologic and public health of Belarus. But, as employees speak it not last figure as many people passing inspection not always speak a true way of infection in case of detection at them a HIV.

Since December, 1st, 2004 in Belarus the project of the UNDP “Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Belarus” which is one of the most large-scale international projects in the field of public health services of Belarus operates.

The purpose of the project is prevention of the further distribution of a HIV-infection due to active preventive interventions (especially in groups of the raised risk), programs of training and education; granting palliative treatment HIV/AIDS by all requiring, including for reduction of risk of vertical transfer of a HIV from mother to the child, and also for realization of preventive programs in establishments prisons.

During the research lead per 2007, it is established, that the level of behavioral sexual risk among interrogated MSM has decreased on the majority of parameters - percent MSM, using condoms with casual sexual partners from 57,8 % in 2006ú has increased. Up to 66,8 % in 2007; relative density MSM entered in sexual contacts for compensation (2007 - 16,9 %, 2006 - 23,4 %) has decreased.

In 2006 within the limits of the project inspection on STI and a HIV has passed 602 persons, STI is revealed at 211 person. 190 person have received free treatment. However the given statistics does not reflect the general level of disease STI and a HIV in the country as work is spent far not with all representatives the gay - communities.

For the information: Financing of the project is carried out by Global fund for struggle against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The global fund is an example unique partnership of the states, public organizations and private persons and attraction of means for struggle against three diseases which annually carry away lives more than 6 million person sets as the purpose.

The total sum of financing by Global fund of the project “Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Belarus” for 2004-2009 makes 16,7 million US dollars.

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