There can appear a Health Centre for men having sex with other men and “ Social ” Hotel in Belarus

Submitted by Aliaksandr Paluyan, GAY.BY

The Chief of Republican Social Youth Community “Meeting”, Oleg Eremin said in the interview for, that there can appear in Belarus a Health Centre for men having sex with other men and “Social” Hotel for those of them who found themselves in a difficult situation.

«… At the moment there are ideas of creating a Men's Health centre for men having sex with other men, which will imply not only diagnosis but a real consultation of medical doctors: urologist, proctologist and venereologist» - Oleg Eremin said.

Besides “Meeting” Community considers the variant of opening a “Social” hotel for those men having sex with other men who found themselves in a difficult situation.

«We plan to open a “Social” hotel. We often deal with such situations at our work when a young man stays without accommodation, - Oleg Eremin says. – The family finds out about the sexual orientation of their son and drives him out of the house. He has to live at his friends, acquaintances. There were cases when he had to give sexual service in order to get over the night or to earn at least something. To help a person in such a situation we plan to open a “Social” hotel for 2-3 places, where a person could live up to one month. Meanwhile we could help him to find a job so that he could “stand on his own feet”.

Such a practice is widely used in Western Europe and the USA for the risk groups. In Russia there is such a hotel for the teenagers who found themselves in the street for this or that reason.

We state that at this moment Republican Social Youth Community “Meeting” is an executive organization which is responsible for the component of the Global fund project “Precautions and Treating of HIV/AIDS in Belarus ”. Within this project it deals with the preventive activities among men having sex with other men.

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