Protest against political homophobia is planned in Minsk

Submitted by Viachaslau Bortnik

Belarusin gay activist Roman Navoev filed, in Minsk, a petition with the city executive committee asking for permission to hold an "action against homophobia among politicians" on July 19th and issued a statement that this action was directed at politicians, senior officials and personally Alexander Lukashenko.

In total, he filed three applications for different venues - on Independence Avenue, near the building of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus, as well as at the fountain near the Sports Palace on Victory Avenue.

The main slogan of the protest will be "LGBT activists against political homophobia."

Through this action, the activist wants to encourage the authorities to exercise tolerance towards homosexuals, an end to expression of homophobia by politicians (in the media) and a more loyal attitude from Alexander Lukashenko towards gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people.

Last fall, at a meeting of foreign ministers of Poland and Germany in Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko made ​​a long monologue. "He said he does not understand how a man can live with a man. It was an obvious allusion to Westerwelle, who has a partner. The German Minister was nervous, but Lukashenko went even further. In very severe forms said he did not have anything against lesbians but would gladly send gay men to the state farms"- said the source.

After that, Lukashenko expressed his opinion about gays.

"I have already started to be blamed for the fact that I, as you know, condemned "faggots", and so on. Well, I do not like faggots, I said that. You see, some ministers of foreign Ministers are upset with me. Why should I not be offended? We live in a democratic society, I am the President and shall have the right to express my views and my positions. I told him honestly and said it in his eyes. And for that, you know, they are offended. Normal life should be conducted. We do not accept it, and we should not impose it. In Germany, it is possible, in Poland - they can do this there, but here we do not need it."

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