LGBT activist fired after participation in Slavic Pride

Submitted by Viachaslau Bortnik, Volunteers without Borders

On her return to Minsk, after taking part in Slavic Pride, co-chair of IDAHO Belarus Varvara Krasutskaya learned that she had been fired from her position which appears to have been a result of her participation in the event.

Upin first returning to work, Krasutskaya received a notice that, in her absence, the owner of the bar "Queen Cafe" Alexander Gagarin fired her. When asked why, he alluding to the fact that he had had a conversation with the KBG and that he didn't want to suffer future reprecussions such as the closing of his business.

"In a conversation with me he said that he fired me", Krasutskaya noted, "to which I replied that he could have at least warned me about it before I came to work. His response was to tell me to go home--that he did not want his bar to be closed because of me."'

Krasutskaya continues, "Everything looks rather strange: during my probationary period I informed him, when and where exactly I was planning to go, to which he replied 'come back when they release you from detention'".

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