Igor Rybin: Homosexual behaviour turns people into beasts

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Igor Rybin, associate professor of physiotherapy and balneology department at Belarussian Medical Academy of Post-Graduates, MD, considers that homosexuality leads to bestiality, pedophilia and necrophilia. He also thinks that demographical problems of Slavic nations are connected with the fact that homosexuality aims at coming in these countries disguised as democracy and freedom.

We would like to offer you the complete variant Igor Rybin's interview for the Belarusian Christian site sobor.by.

«Nowadays medical community of the world lays special emphasis on the fact that homosexuality is connected with body changes in human organism. Though only few people know that it is mostly a spiritual issue. We know that according to the Bible Lord says that all the people who lay together, man with man, and woman with woman, will do abomination before God. Such behaviour is forbidden by the Bible which means that it breaks the God's Law.

From the medical and juridical point of view at the times of Christian State politics it has always been considered to be a severe vice or even a criminal trend. We know that psychiatrists in all over the world used to call homosexuality a sexual perversity, a disease, which demanded a cure, isolation as it jeopardized the society.

In the 70s of the 20 th century gradually, step by step, the world psychiatric community lost its leading representatives who had stood up against homosexuality. Psychiatrists were forced to write in the list of psychological diseases and deviations that homosexuality is a variant of the norm. Since that moment lesbians and sodomites came out of their shelters and stopped being afraid of the punishment, such as mental institutions, compulsory treatment and isolation from all the other members of society. Moreover as soon as psychiatrists changed their opinions many countries withdrew the punishment for such a crime from their criminal codes.

There remained some doctors abroad in America who defend normal classical medical views on homosexuality. One of them claims that homosexuality can be treated as well as alcoholism. There are about 30% of his patients who returned to normal life. They founded families, gave birth to children and found their happiness in life.

Many people are rather skeptical about the fact that homosexuality is a spiritual disease. In my opinion in 100% of cases we deal with the combat with the Evil Forces. Actually we deal with certain forces which are interested in supporting homosexuality and in its obtaining its results. And what are the results of homosexuality? If we speak of the Sacred Russia countries we understand it clearly that homosexuals can't have children. Nowadays we observe awful decrease of the population. Demographic problem has become very acute. Nowadays the Sacred Russia countries have negative balance of the population growth. This means that year by year the population of Russia , Belarus and Smaller Russia decreases. And this figure is very pessimistic. We are approaching the demographical crisis which will lead to the situation when the countries of small population will lose their sovereignty. That's why the first problem which is solved by the homosexuality is the demographical crisis.

The second problem is the corruption of children. We must remember that a human soul is constituted in such a way that if a person observes something in his life it takes an imprint on his soul forever. If a child sees a homosexual scene, if he notices it to be interesting we must know that it has got its imprint on his soul. And when he grows up with such an experience he won't have that pureness and right ability to comprehend the world.

Only Christian outlook and up-bringing in the bosom of the Church will protect a person from this awful phenomenon, as every man and child considers it to be a sin. He will feel it to be disgusting . Every psychiatrist knows that a person who leads a perverted sexual life can't ever stop doing it.

A person starts with homosexuality and proceeds with bestiality, pedophilia and necrophilia and he can't stop. Every sane person must understand that if we open the way for homosexuality we as well open the way for terrible social vices and phenomena which can lead to the disappearance of the state, nation and human dignity. It turns humans into beasts who do all they can in order to commit their state, national, human and spiritual suicide. This suicide covers many nations, and it wants to come to us disguised as democracy and freedom.

I think that every orthodox Christian must express his point of view and indignation that this phenomenon tries to become a norm of life in our country. We must stand up against it. To stay silent about the Truth means to betray the Truth. These people are obsessed. I feel very sad thinking that a sex change can be possible in our state. In my opinion here we deal with a spiritual, but not a medical problem.

Every person must realize nowadays that homosexuality is a suicide of the humanity, and to tell more this suicide is particularly terrible and perverted.”

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