Belarusian Neo-Nazi Groups Unite Against Pride Events

Submitted by Viachaslau Bortnik

According to GAY.BY, Belarusian National Bolsheviks in alliance with Belarusian Patriotic Movement "RUMOL" opposed against Belarus Pride events and urged the authorities and citizens to actively combat this event, claiming the need to avoid "faggots’ obscurantism". The statement was released by press service of the Autonomous National Bolsheviks of Belarus on March 21, the UN International Day to Combat Racism.

The statement notes that from 14-17 May, "representatives of the so-called sexual minorities are going to organize a parade of sodomites and perverts".

"We appeal to all sensible people and community organizations, for whom the concept of morality and spirituality are not just empty words. This "parade" have nothing to do with civil liberties, but in fact is an attempt to impose a perversion as the norm. The Republic of Belarus has always been a moral state, which is part the joint Slavic world and professes its spiritual and moral traditions, - said the statement. - As the initiators of this appeal, we believe that holding the parade of homosexuals in the Republic of Belarus is an insult to all the Slavic community, challenging our morality and this conduct is unacceptable. We call upon the citizens and community leaders to join the movement against gay parade in the Republic of Belarus".

IDAHO Belarus is planning the "March for Equality" to be held on 17 May, timed to coincide with International Day Against Homophobia and Transofobia, which some media regard as a "gay parade". The main aim of the event is to support human rights and civil equality for all people regardless of ethnicity, religious and cultural beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity.

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