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Fact finding mission to Belarus

In mid-October a Fact Finding Mission to Belarus has been undertaken by ILGA-Europe. LGBTI movement in a this country remains rather invisible, resulting in poor reporting to international organisations and thus limited pressure brought to national governments to improve the human rights situation. The main goals of the mission were to strengthen the links with the local human rights organisations, to identify opportunities to strengthen national LGBTI movement, and to gather information that can provide a way for advocacy work at the international level.


Ban of Slavic Pride 2010 in Minsk

ILGA-Europe condemns the decision of the Minsk city authorities to ban the Slavic Pride March scheduled to take place on 15 May.

Report and monitor hate crime - submissions to European and international institutions

Reporting and monitoring are crucial to raise awareness within national and European institutions, among law enforcement officers and the public. Hence, developing a reporting and monitoring strategy is a prerequisite for an efficient advocacy to call on policy makers to adopt laws and implement policies against violence.


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