Gay pride in the sunshine

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Reposted from Austrian Times:

More than 150,000 people took part in the 18th edition of the Vienna gay pride parade this weekend.

The organiser Christian Högl of the Vienna homosexual initiative (HOSI) said this edition of the parade which saw masses of people travel around Vienna’s Ring road was one of the most successful to date.

The parade was lead by the Pride Boys and Pride Girls, followed by a mixture of trucks, motorbikes and various pedestrian groups.

The costumes this year included everything from naked skin to overall latex-costumes from queens and angels. Rainbow body paint was also very popular this year.

Even in the party atmosphere and the sunshine, participants made very clear they were protesting against discrimination against homosexual and transgender individuals under the motto "United in Pride".

There were divided opinions amongst the spectators along the Ring. One woman said: "I came by chance. I actually wanted to go to the museum. I just don’t understand their requests."

A Swiss tourist on the other hand said: "I am enjoying the day."

The yearly demonstration is a part of the larger Vienna Pride event. Organiser Christian Högl said that the parade was to show solidarity with all countries where homosexuality may not be accepted and where such parades would be forbidden or kept under close police surveillance.

On a more local level, Högl said: "I hope that the step-child adoption will go through in Parliament and the protection against discrimination has to be improved."

The parade is supported by the city council. The city councillor Sandra Frauenberger (SPÖ) and the Green local councillor Jennifer Kickert insisted there was no place for discrimination in an open world-city like Vienna.

The city celebrates this year 15 years of existence of the Viennese anti-discrimination office for homosexual and transgender lifestyles (WASt).

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