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MAY 2010 – MAY 2011

JUNE 2010


On June 1st, the Albanian media reported a physical attack against Angela. “Anxhela” is one of the most known and probably stereotyped transvestites living in Albania. Pink Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania reacted publicly through a press release denouncing the act and urging the State Police to fully investigate all the circumstances of this serious crime and to handle this case with maximum priority and also a letter was sent to the Minister of Defense, the responsible Ministry for the Military Hospital where Anxhela was sent for medical treatment. The letter informed him about the case and the way Anxhela was treated by the two medical staff members and asked him for reaction.

JULY 2010

On 15 July 2010, Mr. Dritan Prifti, ex Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy, as well as member of the Albanian parliament, amongst others during the parliamentary session on July 15th said about the head of the Socialist Party that he hides to the world the fact of being a man or a woman and he hides to his people his sexual orientation.
PINK Embassy considered Mr. Prifti’s declarations as “hate speech” and Program Manager of the PINK prepared and made public in one of the most popular daily papers an opinion “The Prifti’s case and the Politics “doing as if”.


 On September, Panorama newspaper published an article written by an activist of the Alliance against Discrimination about an incident with the activists of this organisation who were attacked by certain individuals during an event organised by this organisation in the town of Durresi.


 Transgenders:
Anxhela has reported cases of being violated by the police. Despite the efforts to document these cases, we do not posses the photos or names of the police officers that have maltreated Anxhela or other transgenders. PINK raised this issue to the Commissioner Against Discrimination during a dialog meeting and has made present a request to the police in order to investigate such cases.


 Hearing Session with the Parliamentary Commission on Labour, Social Affairs and Health:
On November 8, 2010 PINK Embassy sent to the Parliamentary Commission on Labour, Social Affairs and Health, an official request for organizing an open hearing session with regard to the situation of persons living with HIV / AIDS in Albania, including the LGBT community. Since November 8, we have been waiting to receive an official answer from the Commission, but in fact we didn’t receive any answer from this Commission.
On 1 December 2010, the Parliamentary Commission for Labour, Social Affairs and Health, organized a hearing session, which was neither open nor transparent. Even though it was asked by Pink Embassy /LGBT PRO, the hearing session was held in secrecy, without informing us.

On the international day against HIV/AIDS, the vice-chair of the Commission of Labour, Social Issues and Health, member of the Albanian Parliament, Mr.Tritan Shehu said to the members of the Commission of Media that “homosexuality must be medically treated with hormones as well as it must be treated psychologically”. This was published by Panorama newspaper on December 1st 2010 and confirmed by participants of the hearing session this commission had without the presence of PINK Embassy.

On December 7, The Director of LGBT Pro/PINK Embassy and the Director of Alliance against discrimination met the Commissioner against discrimination and submitted an official complaint of these organisations against Tritan Shehu.


Leo, member of transgender community, on 12th reported to PINK Embassy that,
following food poisoning due to consuming cakes went to the emergency ward at University Hospital in Tirana and there first aid was given in delay, about 45 minutes, and was offended with offensive words by the doctor and the guard and prejudiced by them for being transgender.


Angela, member of transgender community, on 22nd reported to PINK Embassy about: Violence committed upon transgender by groups of young people or customers (as most members of this community are sex worker) and the indifference of delay in execution to assist these persons by employees of the order. Pink has reacted by a letter request addressed to the Director General of Police and inform the Director police of Tirana as well as the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination.

MARCH 2011


March 1st, March 10th, March 15th, March 24th - Interviewing, recording, documenting and reacting to the rights violation of transgender community in Tirana. During march, transgender community members (Anxhela, Brikena, Nikoleta and Lili, respectively on dates 1, 10, 15 and 24 of march) have denounced at Pink Embassy the violence acts on them by youngsters, police or clients (most of them are sex workers). They reported that police was neglecting their calls for being protected on violation acts. Pink has reacted by a Meeting with the representative of police directory of Tirana where has asked for the transgender community to be treated correctly by police officers.

APRIL 2011

Violation case on Anxhela (Fation Hoxha), aged 27.

On April 6th Angela, a transgender was violated by a person with unknown identity, behind the National Theatre of Opera – location where most of transgender community offer sex on payment. The person hit her, punched and wounded with a little knife.The case was referred to the Police Station 1 on Tirana; a paper is referred to the chief officer in order to keep the Pink Embassy informed about the investigation process.)

On April 8th, reported discrimination case
Brikena-member of transgender community in Tirana reported a discrimination case by Greece border police in Kakavije. After passing the Albanian border on April 5th (verified by the official stamp on the biometric passport), the Greek officer asked if she was gay. The answer was “yes”. After this she wasn’t permitted to across the border.


On April 27th, the house where 5 transgender were living as squatters was set on fire. Pink reacted immediately through a press release which was sent to all the media and through a request for the Police to identify and find the perpetrator. So far no one has been arrested on the arson attack, although the transgenders have reported the name of the person to the police.

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