Discriminatory texts should be changed and removed from circulation

Submitted by PINK Embassy / LGBT PRO Albania

Tirana, 24 December 2012 - The office of the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination (CPD) notified us today on its decision regarding university texts which discriminate openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Albania.

On November 7th, PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania announced through a press release and a complaint sent to the CPD asking the removal from market of all texts which discriminate against the LGBT community and the update of all academic texts where same-sex relations and identities are discussed, including here the two texts used by the Faculties of Medicine and Law in Albania.

In its decision, the CPD found that the text “Legal Medicine”, Tirana 2007, page 140 enlisted homosexuality along “sexual perversions most commonly encountered” such as fetishism, exhibitionism, sadomasochism, zoophiles and necrophilia. Also, in the text “Legal Medicine” from “Arb?ria” Publishing House on page 141 it was added that “sexual perversions are avoidance from norms of sexual instincts… Some of the most common encountered sexual perversions are: a) Homosexuality, the tendency of having sexual lust for people of the same sex…” In a previous document handed to the CPD from Prof. Dr. S. Meksi, to the Faculty of Law, it was admitted that “the above cited text on pages 140-141 contained concepts currently unaccepted by the World Health Organization on the usage of the term sexual perversion”.

Taking the above into account the CPD has clarified in its decision that “such definitions which include homosexuality in the group of sexual perversions make for an inadequate definition, non scientific and discriminatory because of sexual orientation and gender identity. Introducing students with such concepts, creates wrong perceptions on this group and affects the education of students as future lawyers and doctors.”

For these reasons, the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination has decided: that the content of the book “Legal Medicine”, is discriminatory; that the authors who have produced this discriminatory material should modify the text and if that is not possible should remove the book from the market and libraries of all institutions within 60 days; The authors of this text Prof. Dr. S. Meksi and Prof. Dr. B. Cipi should notify the Commissioner about the actions they will undertake within 30 days by presenting also a copy of the revised book; if this decision is not implemented sanctions, as predicted by the law, will follow.

PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania wishes to thank the Office of the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination for the prompt investigation of this case and for taking a just decision which asks for the change of content and in case that is not possible from their removal from market and libraries.

Also, PINK Embassy wishes to inform the public opinion that homosexuality has been removed from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) of the World Health Organization since 1990.

PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania

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