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ILGA-Europe is aiming to build a resource bank on the situation for LGBTI people in individual European countries containing reliable, precise and updated information.

Availability of such information is vital for effective and successful lobbying and campaigning at European level. ILGA-Europe regularly receives requests for country specific information from the European and other international institutions, politicians and government officials in individual countries, various international and national NGOs, as well as from researchers, students and individuals.

We are looking for information on legislative amendments, speeches and statements by member of local and national governments, religious and community representatives, cases of discrimination, court cases, and any other development relevant to the legal and social situation for LGBTI people. We would appreciate greatly as detailed and precise information as possible, references and resources.

We will be very grateful for your help in providing us with relevant details and building together a clear and precise picture of the lives and rights of LGBTI people across Europe!


1915 statement by Pink Armenia and Kaos GL

Submitted by Omer Akpinar / Kaos GL Association

Gay and trans candidates to run for Turkish general elections

Submitted by Omer Akpinar / Kaos GL Association

Turkey’s main opposition proposed a pro-LGBT social inclusion bill

Submitted by Omer Akpinar / Kaos GL Association

Grindr ban in Turkey taken to Constitutional Court

Submitted by Omer Akpinar / Kaos GL Association

Ahmet Yildiz: Unending case of a murdered gay man

Submitted by Omer Akpinar / Kaos GL Association

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