3rd Conference Mailing

This section contains all the documents included in the 3rd conference mailing.

Cover letter by ILGA-Europe’s Executive Board

Read the cover letter from the Executive Board of ILGA-Europe here


Final agenda

Find the final agenda for the Annual Conference 2011 here


Proposals and Amendments

Read the proposals and amendments for the General Assembly during the Annual Conference 2011 here


Guide to elections

Find a guide to the elections here


Elections at the conference

Read about the candidates for the elections here


Proposal from candidate organisations to host Annual Conference 2013


Basic guide to the constitution and standing orders

Find a basic guide to the constitution and the standing orders of ILGA-Europe here


Annual activity report 2010-2011

The full Annual activity report will be published shortly

Find the report from the ILGA-Europe Executive Report here

Find a document with the activities of ILGA-Europe 2010-2011 here


Belgian version of audited accounts 2010

Find the Belgian version of the audited accounts of 2010 here


Current accounts and budget 2012

Find the current accounts and budget 2012 here


Report from European representatives to the ILGA Board

Read the report from the European representatives to the ILGA Board here


Conference workshop programme

Find the full conference workshop programme here

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