Text of a resolution on extremism adopted by 14th Annual Conference in The Hague


This conference:

1. Reaffirms ILGA-Europe’s vision of an equal and inclusive Europe and its implacable opposition to racism in all its forms

2. Recognises that racism exists in LGBTI communities just as it does in other parts of society

3. Notes with concern:

a. The continued threat posed by extremist racist groups in many European countries and the explicitly anti-LGBTI agendas of many of these groupings;

b. Evidence of the link between activity at local level of extremist racist parties and an increase in racist, xenophobic, homophobic attacks;

c. Evidence of extremist parties being aligned with or directly involved in attacks on Pride and similarevents;

d. The use, in some countries, of the supposed defence of LGBTI rights as a basis for stirring hostility and prejudice towards asylum seekers, migrants and minority communities.

Conference believes:

1. We must condemn and combat all forms of racism and xenophobia wherever they raise their ugly heads;

2. We should not allow anyone to use the defence of LGBTI rights as an excuse to stir up fear and hatred;

3. The strongest and most effective campaigns are those which unite people across different communities, bringing together community groups, LGBT groups, anti-racist groups and all people who oppose racism and extremism.

Conference encourage:

1. ILGA-Europe and member groups to integrate anti-racism and campaigning against extremism in their work programmes;

2. ILGA-Europe to continue to publicise campaign information on tackling racism and extremism;

3. member groups to engage with local labour movement, community group and anti-racist campaigns.

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